Withdraw Japanese YEN cash at 7-Eleven store’s ATM

Do you want to withdraw at post office?
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Withdraw YEN cash from ATM’s in 7-Eleven stores with YinLian(UnionPay) Card

A man asked me, Is it possible to withdraw Japanese YEN cash in Japan with my bank card?
OK, this time, I withdrew Japanese YEN cash with China Marchants Bank’s cash card, the card as this type be called “UnionPay(YinLian)” card.
China Marchants Bank's cash card.

ATM’s in 7-Eleven stores are most convenient

I went to 7-Eleven Stores(セブンイレブン), almost every 7-Eleven Stores have ATMs.
Now, I can see a LCD display over head, it prompts every card company that acceptable.
If you found any mark that printed on your card in this board, It means you can withdraw Japanese YEN cash with this card!
SEVEN Bank ATM03初期画面

8 step to withdraw Japanese YEN Cash at 7-Eleven Store’s ATM

1. Insert your card

SEVEN Bank ATM銀聯カード挿入

2. Choose language

SEVEN Bank ATM05銀聯カード言語選択

3. Choose operation

You can press “Withdrawal” Button.
SEVEN Bank ATM06銀聯カード機能選択

4. Choose account type

If you inserted a bank cash card, you can press “Saving”.
If your card is a credit card, you can press “Credit”.
SEVEN Bank ATM08銀聯カード口座選択

5. Enter PIN

You can enter your PIN code, and press “ENT” green key, on ten key pad.
SEVEN Bank ATM07銀聯カード暗証番号
SEVEN Bank ATM08テンキー

6. Select amount

You can press the button that you need.
SEVEN Bank ATM11銀聯カード金額選択
And press enter button once more.
SEVEN Bank ATM12銀聯カード金額確認
The transaction in progress, wait a moment…
SEVEN Bank ATM13銀聯カード処理中

7. Take the card and receipt

ATM return the card and print a receipt, you can get them.
SEVEN Bank ATM14銀聯カードレシート
SEVEN Bank ATM銀聯カードとレシート

8. Take the cash

You can take the cash out of the ATM.
SEVEN Bank ATM16銀聯カード現金


我回家看看网上银行, 确认汇率多少. 我取的是一万日元, 银行从我的账户扣掉人民币573.45元. 今天中国银行的中间价是5.6541,看来银行加了2%左右, 另外银行也扣掉手续费人民币10元. 看来这笔手续费是按每笔交易计算的.

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